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Kic Freelancing Program is a comprehensive Freelancing Training to generate at least $10 a day on Fiverr using SEO Skills that you will learn inside Kic Freelancing Program. This course is specially for those who want to start their Freelancing career but don’t know how to start. In Kic Freelancing Program, you will get all the info and skills to start your freelancing career in no time.

Main Benefits of Kic Freelancing Program :

  • Low Cast training, good for those who can’t afford big prices courses
  • 60 plus videos over 16 hours training plus live weekly sessions
  • Earning $10 A Day or more for each member is the program goals
  • Quizzes, Assignments, Grading Inside Kic Freelancing LMS
  • Complete Fiverr Profile and 7 Gigs Creation practically
  • More than 15 Skills That You Can sell on Fiverr
  • Live Case studies and getting regular orders on Fiverr
  • Certificate of Training when you finished it.

How You Will Get Support in Kic Program

  • Direct Trainer plus Senior members support inside Kic Program Group
  • You can ask questions inside LMS to get Answered
  • Whatsapp support is also provided on emergent cases
  • TAlk.To question-answer application to get an immediate reply from the support team
  • Direct Phone Calls to Support Team when needed
  • 24/7 Support by Kic Program Team, You will not be alone

Topics for this course

49 Lessons

Welcome To Kic Freelancing Member

How To Get Started With Kic Freelancing Program

Module 1 – The Freelancing Mindset

Module – 2 Freelancing with Fiverr

Module – 3 Skills

Module – 5 Fiverr Profile Creation and Gigs Setup

Module – 6 Gigs Ranking and Getting Orders

Module – 7 Next Level Freelancing Strategies

Case Study – Profile Setup and Gigs Ranking ( Live )

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Everything explain in detail ,step by step i am satisfied
Thanks Sir

Highly recommended, very helpful online course to learn freelancing skills easily.

This Course is really a turning point in my life, I learned many new earning skills & now with Almighty Allah`s B blessings & Under Sir Idrees Mentorship,I`m earning a handsome amount.

This is a highly informational and knowledgeable course. Sir Idress is very engaging and detailed in his teaching style. Moreover, the Facebook support group is pure gold. It is helpful even beyond the course scope. You can gain knowledge on multiple subjects related to freelancing, SEO, payment methods, and even affiliate marketing. Moreover, you would become a member of a Facebook community of experienced professionals as well as ambitious newcomers who are ready to help each other in any possible way. I encourage everyone who wants to succeed online to join this valuable course and start their journey. Thanks

This is one of the best and fruit full course about Freelancing on the internet.i'm satisfied from this course.

Love this course. Worth buying and quality content. It really helped me with Fiverr

Highly Recommended!
This is one of the best and finest course about Freelancing on the internet.

Highly Recommended!
This is one of the best and finest course about Freelancing on the internet.

Highly recommend...!
It is best one for my online career. I was thinking i will never grow my fiverr profile but its because of Sir idrees farooq i am able to rank my profile as well as my all gigs in multiple good keywords. Now i am at a good track to grow my career and be a successful freelancer.


this is an amazing learning program ...anybody who has not got success anywhere he should must join it and believe me success will be in your hand..
sir Idrees Farooq is a great teacher, mentor and friend who teach us in very friendly involvement...GOD bless sir Idrees Farooq and his team specially sir Rana Abdul Wahab sb

This course help me to change my life Ahumdulillah i m earning $1000 plus per month not from strart but after some month its way to earn $1000 plus per month and more than that i really appreciate this effort of my Mentor Muhammad Idrees Farooq who work hard to make this course i will recommend to anyone get this course and do something new for your family Alhumdulillah i m proudly saying it will be worthful course of your life

They way of teaching Idrees sir is super easy to follow, I even know about How to make Fiverr gig, He teachs very well and Alhamdulillah today i am earning $100+ and working on his detailed method , how can we maximize our earnings .The peoople who want to earn easy money should join his course

This course is helping me from 0 to hero for less than a month. In simple words, This course changed my whole financial life.highly recommended

Highly Recommended!
This is one of the best and finest course about Freelancing on the internet. I have bought many expensive freelancing trainings and didn't learned anything but this KIC Freelancing Program is the best and most affordable one. This course worth every single penny. I learned alot from this course. This course covers everything you need to start earning. From Zero to Hero. After getting this training my gig is ranking on top keywords and I am getting regular orders.

This is great course. It has lot of valuable informations which are not found anywhere. Very good course content specially "SNOWBALL" by which you can easily rank your gig on competitive keywords within short time period. Highly recommend this course. In fact, let me tell you, this course has changed my life.

This was the first time when I took a course on internet about freelancing. I can say now, it is the bestest course I am enrolled in. Content is extraordinary. Skills are the easiest to learn and earn. Gig ranking became a piece of cake after joining this course. And it all happened in less than a month. In simple words, This course changed my whole financial life.


  • Course Fee: 15,000 PKR. For account, activation contact us: 0308-4999489